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The accomplishments shared on this website are the result of your faithful support of St. Paul's Community Development Corporation (SPCDC) throughout the past year. The success stories contained within these web pages would never have been possible without you. Whether you volunteered your time in the Food Pantry, donated books or clothing, or made a monetary donation, your efforts have helped to make SPCDC an agent of hope for those in need.

These are all accomplishments worthy of celebration, but none would be possible without YOU. You are: People of faith, churches and financial institutions, local businesses and entrepreneurs, sister social service agencies, government agencies, staff members and board members. YOU are our greatest resource! By offering your time, talents and treasure to St. Paul's Community Development Corporation, you have not only made our work possible, you also have shared in it.

As you browse through our website, you will see that we have helped the community in many ways. Together, we have served thousands of clients and many thousands of meals through our Food Pantry, housed, fed and counseled nearly 200 men in our Emergency Men’s Shelter. We’ve helped adult students tap into their educational potential and become financially stable through our Next Step Workforce Development Program. We’ve also helped dozens of people fulfill their dream of either owning a home or living in quality affordable rental housing.

Contained on this website you will see the faces of countless volunteers and staff who help to make our agency the essential community asset that it is. Our dedicated staff members have mentored and guided those in need of a better future. AmeriCorps Members have made an immeasurable contribution to our community and SPCDC, ranging from assisting in our workforce development classes, to serving in the Food Pantry and with countless partner agencies.

Please note our donor link located on the sidebar – a long list that contains the names of hundreds of generous individuals, foundations, businesses and government agencies.

We are truly blessed to have you – a strong and supportive community of donors, volunteers and well-wishers that have been instrumental in helping our agency. Please take the time to share our successes with other members of your communities because you are our best hope for expanding this supportive community, a community that has been cultivated over these last 25 years!

We also encourage you to continue browsing our website to view the changes that are taking place at St. Paul’s Community Development Corporation.

Thank you again for your continued support.


Stephen Duggan

Acting President of the Board