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AmeriCorps: Getting things done in Paterson.
Former VISTA Members Leigh Jones and Kate Lyman helped build community involvement in the revitalization of Paterson's 5th Ward neighborhood.

For more information, contact Christina Wolfe
AmeriCorps Program Director, Ext. 448

Since 1997, St. Paul's Community Development Corporation (SPCDC) has welcomed AmeriCorps Members from around the world to help "Get Things Done in Paterson"-- a densely urban environment that faces numerous social and economic challenges.

AmeriCorps is a national service program funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service designed to facilitate and encourage community service in the United States. SPCDC currently hosts an AmeriCorps*State program. The program recruits Full-time, Half-time, and Minimum-time Members annually. AmeriCorps Members receive a living stipend while serving and an educational grant upon successful service completion.


At SPCDC, AmeriCorps*State Members serve as tutors and mentors. They address the educational needs of Passaic County adults and at-risk youth. They work with after-school programs and provide support to adult students training in Basic Skills, Computer Literacy, English as a Second Language (ESL), and those studying to receive their NJ High School Diploma. They serve as food pantry workers, shelter aides, case management aides, volunteer recruiters, and general operations support. Each Member's term of service is an opportunity to build work experience while helping SPCDC provide critical services to the greater Paterson and Passaic County community.

In 2020/21, 17 Members were hired to serve with the SPCDC AmeriCorps Program. In total, these Members contributed 10,376 hours of community service time serving at over 8 sites across Paterson and Passaic County. At the completion of their terms, Members earned a total of $31,238.22 in educational awards. 

Visit our AmeriCorps Alumni page for a list of all those who have served at St. Paul's Community Development Corporation (since 2005).

Are you interested in joining AmeriCorps?

If you would like to learn more about the service positions available at SPCDC and our network of community partners, please visit our jobs/volunteer page or send questions to our AmeriCorps Program Director.  

Interested candidates should complete an AmeriCorps application and send a copy of their resume to:

AmeriCorps Program Director 
St. Paul's Community Development Corp.
456 Van Houten Street
Paterson, NJ 07501
Tel: (973) 710-3900, Ext. 448

You may fax your resume to (973) 684-4106 or submit via our online web form.

Americorps: Change Lives ... Including your own.

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