St. Paul's Community Development Corporation
Sr. and Sra. Javier stand in front of their new Lind Home.

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Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Lind Homes (22 completed units of affordable housing in the Sandy Hill/5th Ward).

The mission of the St. Paul's Community Development Corporation Housing and Neighborhood Development program is to improve and revitalize the 4th and 5th Ward Neighborhoods in the City of Paterson. Over the past 30 years, St. Paul's Community Development Corporation has partnered with State and Local government to fulfill this mission through the development of 34 units of affordable housing, providing workforce development opportunities to local residents, and serving as a catalyst for meaningful change.

Neighborhood Revitalization-Madison Avenue Rail Station

In 2008, St. Paul's CDC was awarded a Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Planning Grant to continue to build upon our work within the Sandy Hill Neighborhood. This grant allowed St. Paul's to partner with the County of Passaic and the Paterson Parking Authority to develop a community vision centered on the forthcoming Madison Avenue Rail Station. This new transit corridor will  help to stimulate economic activity, connect residents to public transit and employment opportunities, and relieve traffic congestion. As the new commuter rail line begins to be built we will continue to be a driving force behind the design of the new development to ensure that it is beneficial to the community as a whole.

Madison Avenue Rail Study & Passaic-Bergen Rail Map 

Women Living Independently House (SRO Project)

(Pictured) Bedroom within the Women Living Independently House.

SPCDC was pleased to announce the completion of construction on the Women Living Independently House -- Single Room Occupancy Project. This project is now a home for five formerly homeless women, giving each resident an opportunity to rebuild their lives and become self-sufficient. Building upon our own programs and partnerships with other agencies, residents are able to take advantage of life skills training, workforce development, and educational opportunities as they become productive members of the community.

The Women Living Independently House was a gut rehabilitation project of an existing structure located in the 4th Ward. It now features five private bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two kitchens that are all fully furnished.

Applications for the project's waiting list are now being accepted and may be downloaded by clicking the adjoining link -- download the application packet here.

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