St. Paul's Community Development Corporation
Hundreds of community volunteers from the Paterson area prepare and serve meals to shelter clients.

For more information, contact Natasha McCutchen
Shelter Manager, Ext. 422

The St. Paul's Community Development Corporation (SPCDC) Emergency Men's Shelter provides emergency housing, clothing and food to as many as 40 homeless men per night. Our Shelter staff work to make each resident's stay as brief and helpful as possible by providing referrals for housing, employment, mental health and rehabilitation services. The SPCDC Emergency Men's Shelter relies on volunteer support from nearly 30 area churches and civic organizations (representing some 50+ volunteers) per year who bring prepared food and serve hot meals each night.

During the intake process, our Shelter Case Manager explains our programs to the client and then conducts a comprehensive assessment of the client's immediate needs beyond a night off the street. Our Case Manger and the client will then work together to develop a service plan to address those needs, often involving referrals to programs which address finances, mental health, housing, medical needs, and legal assistance.

As a condition of staying at our facility, all residents must participate in day programs to help them treat their addictions, address their educational needs and/or find work.

After 4-weeks, a comprehensive reassessment and review of the resident's progress and case file is conducted. If the resident has been actively working toward his goals and needs more time at the Shelter an extension will be granted.

When residents are discharged from the Shelter, instructions and referrals designed to help them overcome their problems and continue on a path of recovery and reaffirmation are provided. Many residents eventually are able to find a rental apartment, secure new employment or move in with family and friends.

It is the ultimate goal of the SPCDC Emergency Men's Shelter to work with clients to identify the root causes of their homeless condition. Through collaboration, we give our residents a sense of control over their own futures and consequently make them more likely to take responsibility for their own goals.

In 2021, the SPCDC Emergency Men's Shelter served 68 homeless men, providing 8,810 sheltered bed nights, 21,000+ meals, and 3,000+ hours of counseling.

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